Lagging It Forward.

Either the New Hampshire Union Leader didn't print it or, more than likely I missed it. 

The text of Gov. Maggie Hassan's "State of the State speech." I can remember when Gov. Merrill gave his speech this newspaper printed the text on almost the front page. 

Times do change. 

I'll attribute it to printing costs and the real reason: voter apathy and the age olde question: "Does anyone even care?" 

Another example I found out locally, at the deliberative session in Littleton, NH there was a warrant article asking the voters to pony up $900,000.00 to be used at leverage for gaining a $2.7 million dollar federal grant(s) used to revitalize a section of town. You'd think that with a major expenditure like this the news media would be reporting the results of the vote. I haven't seen one word about this warrant article including if it passed!!!!  

The only thing I've heard (I don't deal in rumors) is that several individuals got up and explained that this isn't a $900,000.00 bond that is proposed. This is a $900,000.00 bond plus compounded interest that is being proposed. Which will be a good chunk of change. 

It's always more money. But does anyone even care?