Leave Carly Out.

This morning I made my daily trip to the post office and did what I've been doing for the past two weeks: clean out the political cardstock mailers from the candidates and the special interest groups.

We'll today I got one from candidate Carly Fiorina. What a piece of absolute trash.Campaign Sends Out Garbagestock. Leave Her Off The Stage.

And after my chosen candidate Gov. George Pataki dropped out I was actually considering voting for Fiorina but after reading this garbage am now moving on.

Fiorina was CEO of Hewlett-Packard during a tumultuous time with this corporation from reports I've read in the Wall Street Journal it's quite something or a feat to say how HP actually survived in not only the dot.com bust but the acquisition of basically a toxic asset in Compaq.Fiorina Was CEO of HP during a difficult time. Her political campaign seems like real garbage.

So why am I dropping my interest in Fiorina?

One reason: OBamacare.

In bold lettering on the garbagestock Fiorina wants to back out of Obamacare. She doesn't state any alternative(s) or even a decisive reason why she wants to do this. Where are Americans supposed to get access to healthcare Ms. Fiorina? (Haven't found an answer on her website eithier). 

Apparently, she has done very poorly in the Iowa caucuses hence the reason for the networks to drop her.

With the garbage her campaign is sending out. Good move here.