Settling A Quandry

I'm in a bit of quandary, it's indecision actually and indecision can never be a good thing.

And I'll get right to my point: I'm spending alot of time (daily) checking the agenda for the Business Finance Authority (BFA), and what am I looking for?

The state loan guarantee application for the Balsam's Bailout or Boondoogle or whatever it will be called.Filing A Right To Know Before The BFA. And Where This Could Lead.

I'm really tempted to file a 'Right to Know' request for the application and being of an accounting background I'm sure I'll be very amazed at what is being proposed in exchange for New Hampshire floating some $28 million dollars in bonds with the taxpayers taking all of the risk.

Guess my problem is where this could lead.

So I get a copy of this application, and what I can I do? Appear at the Governor & Council meeting and request a "public hearing" under RSA: ???   All the major politicos in this state are behind the very idea of this state loan guarantee but somehow they would turn 180 degrees upon hearing my concerns about the massive risk that is involved and very likelihood that the taxpayers of this state are going to get severely burned.