Steven J Connolly


Hassan Iraq Compairison. 

So I went to "Celebration For Ray Burton." at Plymouth State University Of course Gov. Maggie Wood Hassan gives a major speech at this event. And she said something I'm finding most interesting,

"New Hampshire is the best place I know of to practice democracy." Gov. Hassan said.

Okay. Perhaps this should be taken at face value.

So I'm coming home from work tonight and listening to CBN (Canada) and they're reporting on the substantial unrest and violence that now exists across Iraq. And I'm thinking for the average Iraqi citizen 50% unemployment, lack of basic services such as electricity and roads; and an educational system that resembles 'Common Core' in New Hampshire.

What's not to like. Especially the Gov. Hassan speech.

If the Iraqis only could know all that awaits them and just how free they really are.






To Attend. To Listen. 

It's Saturday and I've just returned from Plymouth State University and the "Celebration for Ray Burton." 

I've got many thoughts and experiences about this event. It's all about politics.....

Of course. Can you imagine Ray Burton having this any other way. So, with this said I hope that you'll read my blogs starting tomorrow with some of the details I like it when you read my blogs and post some comments.

May I hear from you?



Kenney Campaigns On I. 

I've taking some time to research and/or question the candidates for NH Executive Council District #1. One of these is former Sen. Joe Kenney from Wakefield.

Some of his campaign materials are starting to show up in local newspapers like the liberal, biased fishwrapper called the Littleton Courier.

His materials don't look very good either.

It basically goes like this. I was the Marine Corps. for 33 years. I was a State Senator, I was a State Rep., I was a Selectmen. I served on these committees. Basically, a campaign that centers on "all about me."  I still can't find his campaign website even after an exhaustive google and yahoo search.

At this point I'd rate his campaign at a D-  for the simple reason that I have absolutely no idea where he stands on the issues.


A Gov. Thompson Rebirth? 

So I'm checking some e-mails and after at least a week Executive Council candidate Christopher Boothby is responding to my question(s) about his campaign.

I actually had to read his e-mail several times to get how the wind was pushing the sails of the boat.

Let's start with some background. I contacted Mr. Boothby with some substantive questions related to how he would vote on various state contracts like expensive rail service into Concord. I followed up my questioning with how he would vote on the nomination of DRED Commissioner Jeffrey Rose.

Boothby did respond so I'm going to give him alot of credit for this. As a candidate he clearly faces a Mount Everest challenge in a tough terrain and political environment. But on the surface he still didn't respond. Instead of answering as to what his position(s) were or how he would vote, he simply said these "votes have come and gone."

Let's move on. In The Current Environment in NH. Might There Be A Rebirth Starting With An Executive Council Race?

Then Mr. Boothby said something that caused me to almost break my wooden chair as I'm trying to type and stay warm next to stove nearby. He started talking about doing what is best for New Hampshire, whether state government should be involved in a particluar area and not soon after:

"Lower Spending Leads To Lower Taxes."

So then I read the e-mail one last time and I'm now thinking that Christopher Boothby not only answered my questions but he took it up a notch.




A Powerful And Good Day. 

I've just returned from a powerful and good day and wanted to get some ideas down while they're fresh in my mind.

So I woke up this morning, shined my shoes and headed south with my resume and political portfolio to the Grafton County Complex in Haverhill. It was a good day, blue skies and snow capped mountains that would rival Colorado and Utah.

My first stop was to Ray Burton Park which is on the site of the former Grafton County Jail itself; a building that was built near the time of the civil war. The park is a powerful place the view of the Connecticut River Valley is just incredible, especially on the day like this. It's a simple design, a granite plith taken from from the jail with a memorial plate affixed. There is alot of snow there now, so I couldn't walk over to read it but the whole area just looks good. But I'm really glad they didn't put a bust here.

So then I walked to the nearby 1930 building, which is where the Commissioner's Office is located. I looked up at this historic building and couldn't help but to start thinking about history, and what life was like in 1930. The stock market has crashed horribly, dust bowls blanket the heartland; and unemployment, deprivation and hunger are the grim reality of what life in America is about.

The Commissioner's office is up on the second floor, actually their physical office overlooks Ray Burton Park. Well in any case there is a labrynth of offices around this area: human resources, IT, finance, etc. I'm looking for the Executive Director's Office, Julie Clough who is "handling all the applications for the county commissioner vacancy."  So as I'm walking towards the office on the wall is a large photo of the three Commissioners: Martha Richards, Ray Burton and Mike Cryans. It's a very clear picture.

So, I finally made it to the Executive Director's office, she wasn't there. So I looked around the finance office and there was someone there. So I said "Hi." and she responded. "My name is Steve Connolly, I'm from Bethlehem and I'm interested in filing and application for Grafton County Commissioner, District #2." She said she didn't know when Ms. Clough would return but she would make sure my application got to her.

This is good. I'm still leaving a voicemail and e-mail for the Executive Director, this is afterall still politics.

It was a good day. I'm glad to be doing this, and as I'm driving back home up route 302 couldn't help but think about Ray Burton and the first thing he did when he passed out copies of the N.H. Constitution to students in classrooms across his large district. He would have them write two words right on the front cover, above "Compliments of Ray Burton" of course!  

And these words were:

Get Involved.