Steven J Connolly


Penn National Is Huge. 

It's 3 O'Clock in the morning. After driving what seemed like 11 hours down the western half of NH to New York City and later across I-78 and I-81 I've arrived.

I'm at Penn National Racetrack and Casino which is about 7 miles north of Hershey, Pa. I've only been here about 20 minutes, it's fairly quiet now. But this place is huge. I'd say if the gaming floor space of Foxwoods and the Borgata in AC; were to be combined this place would still be larger. Endless rows of slot machines.....

The racetrack is closed for the night so I'll have to see that tomorrow. The whole casino is themes after Hollywood with many items, pictures related to the movies. For some reason I'm seeing alot of Robert Redford and Leonado DiCaprio films on the wall. I don't know if this is intentional or not.

I'll be writing more on this later on.


Lisbon Isn't Alone. 

Today I saw a report in the Caledonian Record newspaper that demonstrates what is really happening in this state. And it goes like this:

An elderly man that has lived in his own home in Lisbon, N.H. since 1966 is being evicted from his home by the Town of Lisbon for unpaid local property taxes. The article went on to state that the town is actually owed some $622,000.00 in unpaid local property taxes. Lisbon Is Evicting People For Unpaid Local Property Taxes. Default Rates Are Rising Across New Hampshire.

So I did some quick math.

In 2010 the Town of Lisbon collected $3.8 Million Dollars in local property taxes.

The Total Landmass of the town is 26.2 miles not all of which is taxable.

The Total (2013) arrears in late property taxes is $622,000.00.

With these statistics and converting square miles in acres; I arrived at roughly a tax rate of $5.9023 per acre and then dividing this number against the total to be collected (most available number) of $3.8 million means in English that 16.3686% of the town of Lisbon is in default of their property taxes.

I'm not talking about people, I'm talking about the total landmass of the town. 16% of Lisbon is now in default on their local property taxes. What happens when this number climbs to 25%?

How does government pay for itself with default rates like this?

Answer: They would have to take out a loan, called a tax anticipation note and pay 5.79% interest until they can collect the defaulted property taxes, if they can collect them at all.

I wonder what our Marxist Governor Hassan would have to say about elderly people losing their homes due to local property taxes.

Imagine Gov. Hassan doing anything other than appointing a committee to study the issue.


Bass Out. Follow The Money. 

With Charlie Bass bowing out of the race for U.S. Senate the question now becomes:

How much will it cost?

Rubens.  Scott Brown 10K donation and the Shaheen money machinery.

I'll adjust this to a 50/50 race between Rubens and Shaheen. Alot of things can happen in the general election.

I don't care what the politicos in NH think they know. Scott Brown doesn't have any appeal, especially his performance as a U.S. Senator from Massachusetts.

Rubens could probably do absolutely nothing in his campaign and still slide by Brown in the primary.

I'm really unhappy that Charlie Bass decided not to run. It shows the changing landscape of NH politics, like the departure of Ray Burton it's not about the rural state or the people anymore.

It's about the money. And the money will decide.


Marxist Doctrine In NH 

I'm hearing far too much marxist doctrine that is veiled in policy conversations, like I've witnessed on the Ray Burton train recently.

An example: If a business or jobs creating idea needs assistance then "there are federal, state grant programs available and there are many."

There are many. Gov. Hassan Innovation Program. Is This Marxist Doctrine For New Hampshire?

Dependance + Enslavement= Marxist Doctrine.

I've written about the Gov. Hassan 'Innovation Plan' for New Hampshire.

Is this a Marxist plan?

"But even more: all at once the Jew also becomes liberal and begins to rave about neccessary progress of mankind. Slowly he makes himself the spokesman of a new era. Also, of course, he destroys more and more throughly the foundations of any economy that will really benefit the people."

- Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Development of Jewry, Page 314.


Report From Burton Train #2

This is another report from the train. This Isn't The Actual Train But Similar To What It Looked Like. This Is Lakeport,NH

Like I said earlier, it wasn't a political event. Burton wasn't there but there was alot of individuals reminiscing about all he had done for District #1 during his decades of service. Actually, I think some legends are starting to be formed. It's interesting how reality can become almost supernatural depending on how the story is told...

Let's move on.

The train went north from Meredith and up into Ashland, stopped briefly and continued on to Plymouth for the spaghetti lunch which I skipped. I'd say there were about 250-300 people on the train.

It was a good trip but not what I expected, or remembered, at all.