Steven J Connolly


Not Showing Anything. 


I'm trying to find reason(s) to support Kuster for Congress over the current incumbent.

This ad doesn't help me at all.

My first impression is that its attempting to cater to the centrist-moderate-undecided vote of which there is a statistical population here in 2D. But I'm watching the spliced ad with pictures of family, of course the hometown values play well assuming the name recognition is there for the candidate which, in this case it isn't.

I looked at the ad a second time. Again the family message is centerpiece spliced with the struggling economy I don't think this ad will get many votes in the areas of the Second District that are truly struggling: Berlin, Groveton, Claremont and perhaps Keene. There isn't any real definition of what she would do in this area if she is elected.

I looked at the a third time. I'm more critical now. The music is passable but my overall impression is that this a candidate that wants to tread water. "The family base is a good base. Let's keep it that way." The only places I know in this ad that are a depiction of this lifestyle are the Hanover-Lebanon area and New London. I think the producers dumped too much of something on her face.

If Kuster is going to run her campaign like this Bass will be there for another term.



Venetian Mac and Politics. 

27% Price Increase in Tomatoes. Congressman Bass votes against H.R. 6233


So I'm making one of my most favorite and simple recipes.

Venetian Mac and Cheese. It's usually very affordable too but tonight I got hit with a 27% increase in the price of tomatoes. I attempted to shop locally and purchase some home grown tomatoes and the increase here would have been in the area of 50%.

I'm planning to use the rest of this blog to bust on the failed leadership of Congressman Charlie Bass and the drivel found in his press release below and "having a conversation about agriculture" in New Hampshire. Bass votes against H.R. 6233 leaving his constituents with double digit food increases and the best he can come up with is "having a conversation."

If the voters in the Second Congressional District vote with their wallets in this next election....

I'm thinking the margin with a +/-5% standard deviation the vote outcome will be somewhere around 27% if not greater.

Like the price of food.


Getting Out Of It. 


I knew this one was coming:

The AP newswires are reporting that New Hampshire is now actively seeking a waiver from No Child Left Behind.

A largely unfunded mandate that is essentially draining what little resources NH public schools have. But what I can’t understand is why the NH educational establishment doesn’t say this in the press release. I’ll bet it’s the same reasoning why teachers don’t want to take a bar exam or equivalent type test as a part of their licensing.

How many would pass and how many would fail?

In any case, New Hampshire is seeking a waiver and will join many other states across the U.S. in scrapping No Child Left Behind.




Are You Hungry Yet? 

Higher Food Prices In NH. Thank You Congressman Bass and Guinta.

So it has started. Tonight I went to the supermarket and purchased some chicken thighs:

1.70 Pounds  $2.02

Exactly three weeks ago I did exactly the same thing:

1.68 Pounds $1.10 

An 84% increase in three weeks.

Did the price of oil ever do this?   

Thank you Congressmen Charlie Bass and Frank Guinta for all you do for New Hampshire. Especially your no votes on H.R. 6233 and assistance to the drought stricken farmers across the midwest and parts of the west.

Food prices are going to increase. Chicken is one example.

What I'm wondering is if NH voters are going to accept this type of performance from their Member of Congress. Bass himself stated that he voted against H.R. 6233 because of cuts to "conservation programs."  Guess its okay with Dartmouth alum Charlie that NH residents get to pay double digit increases in the prices of food like chicken. I think 84% is the start I believe a 124% increase would not be unreasonable considering what is happening to the farmers because of the continued drought conditions.

Congressman Guinta's office never responded to my questions on H.R. 6233 and why he voted against it.

Tonight as I drove home with my expensive chicken I was passed over or better yet run over by soccer moms driving shiny Mercedes Benz Suv and a BMW 325xi and later had a license plate: LIVEIT.

I intrepted this to mean: "Live It."

Like living life.  






Farewell Bald. Good Riddance. 


DRED Commissioner Bald is retiring. Is this a great day for New Hampshire or what!

Of course the news media will tout all that has been accomplished and some interesting statistics about job creation and all the other things DRED does like run Cannon Mountain at a loss.

I've lived in northern New Hampshire most of my life and served two terms in the New Hampshire House of Representatives 1994-1998. I can't find a single thing Commissioner Bald has done for northern New Hampshire. I think it would be an interesting comparison to look at comparable commissioner level positions in Maine and Vermont and what has been done in these offices compared to Bald.

DRED should be a performance directed state agency. Every employee whether classified or unclassified would be given a performance and sales target. If it is not met then the individual is shown the door. Imagine the progress that would be made and the taxpayer money that would be saved.

As an example,

This is a UTUBE video showing a project in Sydney, Nova Scotia that I think has immense potential to create economic development and jobs in alot of different and significant areas.

But New Hampshire would have to take the complete initiative to make this happen.

I hope the next Commissioner of DRED would show some leadership to advance an idea like this. Because I know Commissioner George Bald wouldn't.