Steven J Connolly


Granite State Futures. The NH Future. 


This is a video about Granite State Futures or GSF.

I'll state what my basic knowledge is of GSF and let you make you own conclusion. I'll also state my own conclusion upfront:

GSF means local control and state laws are usurped and replaced by federal government bureaucracy, edict and decisions made by an unaccountable appointed committee.

So how do I arrive at this?

During my two terms in the NH House I became very critical of North Country Council Inc. a Regional Planning Agency based in northern NH that was started in 1973 that performs I believe the same function(s) as the Nashua Regional Planning Agency as depicted in this UTUBE video.  My concern was that North Country Council was accepting millions of dollars of Federal and State funds for planning activities for things like economic development and transportation and there was little evidence to show for either their work or what was actually being accomplished.

Millions of taxpayer dollars spent.

I won't get into the details about some of the arguements that I got into over this, including many of their supporters that believe: "regional planning is essential to getting any money at all." I don't agree and ended up asking for a copy of the NCC budget since this is taxpayer money we're discussing here.

And you'll probably never guess what I found...


Vermont Creates Jobs. New Hampshire Does Not. 


There was a front page story in today's Caledonian Record newspaper about a $39 million dollar expansion of Widemann's in St. Johnsbury. This is an industry that makes equipment and components used in electrical transformers.

Creating jobs imagine that.

And Vermont has a sales and income tax too.

Take that Tea Partiers from New Hampshire.


Vermont Is Creating Jobs. New Hampshire is not. This is a shot of Stowe Ski Area in Vermont.  


Blankets For Teachers. 


NNew Hampshire Is Failing In Education. ew Hampshire State Board of Education which is made up of political apointees has issued a decree or something like this:

No Charter Schools.

Another example of how there is no leadership in New Hampshire.

Of course money and budgets are tight. But if the State Board of Education were actually doing it's job, which they aren't they would be avocating education and finding solution(s) for the charter schools to move forward, or, at least continue on the path to their stated purpose: education. I'm confident the state board and their appointees never even bothered to contact either the governor's office or legislative leaders about finances and charter schools.

Who is the State Board of Education failing....   themselves? .... Hardly.

New Hampshire has submitted a waiver for No Child Left Behind (NCLB); an unfunded mandate that was pushed by societal thinker politicians like Rep. Jeb Bradley.  The waiver will be granted along with the many other states that can't afford it. But the bad part of this is that there will be a another round of layoffs at your local school. The paraprofessionals will be shown the door. These are jobs that pay $9.00-$10.50 an hour and include many aspiring teachers trying to break into the already underfunded ranks. And if you believe that the overcrowding issues in classrooms goes away because of this move.

Think again.  




Communism As Power.

2016 China economy becomes largest in the world. Where does NH factor in this?

I've spent some time making the case of the inflence and need relationship between the chinese economy and New Hampshire.

It's deeper than I first imagined.

I'm a reader of Niall Ferguson's books. I don't like his writing style at all and how it often takes this professional academian a full chapter to explain an issue that could be done in several pages. But the academic presses need fodder, and he's the only contemporary author I know of that is reporting on the front lines of a shifting world.  A world where the power is moving from the west to the east.


Fours years away.

According to Ferguson via the International Monetary Fund (See Video) the world's largest economy in the world will be under communist rule. Basically 1/5 "of humanity will live in a communist state."

Implications for the world and New Hampshire.



Letting It Go. 


Senate candidate Debi Warner never called me back.

Part of me says to let it go. I'm sure that she is busy running for the Senate which, is an event of itself. Even a candidate that has the ability to self-finance a campaign still finds this process daunting. I've met enough candidates all of them say this. While on the subject of daunting feats I think the record still holds though. Sen Rubens spending $66,000.00 on a primary for a job that pays $100.00 a year plus mileage.

There is more to being in the Senate than this. But how much more? > $66,000.00?


But I'm still really disapointed that Warner never called me back. Especially since there appears to be so little information about her campaign and what exactly she hopes to accomplish. The news media hasn't done anything here either. Instead of focusing on issues they simply look at all the negative and traditional aspects of campaigning. But I will say this Warner doesn't appear to be attacking on real issues instead (according to the media) she does things like assault weapons ban (1994); personal attacks like mystery e-mails about a home foreclosure and requesting campaign funds be returned. The later interesting as she has dipped into the honey well herself.