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Does Congressman Guinta Even Care About NH? 


Authors Legislation Screwing Trucking Industry. Does this politician even care about New Hampshire?Here's an example of how Washington politicians screw people over. 

"The other provision fights fraud in the trucking industry. It increases the amount of a surety bond that truckers are required to pay from the current $10,000 to $75,000. Industry leaders say this fix would go a long way in reducing the small number of people who take advantage of the low bond rate to defraud businesses."-  Source, NH Insider Press Release.

I be willing to bet that the Congressman can't name 10 trucking companies or drivers that "have taken advantage of the low bond rate to defraud businesses."

And who exactly are these industry leaders he cites?

Last fall I became aware that Congressman Guinta was attempting to regulate who I know are the real fraudsters:, carpet baggers, dirt bags that have no compunction about lies and deception to make a buck.

Freight Brokers. And more specifically third party freight brokers.

These are the people that skim off 65% of the total freight bill and often short-change and in some cases not even pay the trucking company the moved the load. This UTUBE video will give you an idea of how this works.

Now if you notice Guinta didn't follow through with his plans instead he authored more fees and costs for trucking companies many of which are already struggling with issues like fuel costs, competition and cheap freight. My prediction is that NH consumers will see an increase in the area of 20-25% on alot or items especially so in perishible foods like fruits and vegtables.

So thank you Congressman Guinta for all your doing in the transportation field. I'm sure your scoring some major political points for yourself down there in Washington, D.C.




New Hampshire Loses Out. 


It's interesting to see all the talk about revenue estimates and generation in the state of New Hampshire some legislators are so obsessed with all these numbers you'd think the world is going to end if the cigarette sales numbers come in a bit weak.

I have some numbers on my own:

Saturday I went over to the Black Bear Casino in Oxford, Maine. The place was packed with people and I mean packed like forget it if you wanted to play the table games, same thing for video poker even some of the clusters of slot machines. People everywhere!!!!!

Sure the casino is new and this is still a novety but I'm thinking about what I've now seen in the parking lot. Here is a demographic breakdown of the license plates:

Maine: 50%

Mass:  25%

New Hampshire: 17%

Now here's the one that kind of knocked me around:

Vermont: 8%

That's right Vermonters had to cross over an entire state to get to Maine. This capital migration goes right across New Hampshire and into Maine. Massachusetts does the same thing however, I'm confident that the Mass. plates are largely second homeowners in Maine while the Vermont are residents of that state.

New Hampshire loses out.

I'm hoping the Maine Department of Gaming Control puts out the financial information about what is being generated at this new casino in addition to the one already operating in Bangor. I'd be willing to bet that the scenario here is going to be very similar to what is happening in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Taxbase expansion, tax relief for property owners, jobs and regional economic development and no statistical increase in crime.

All this revenue leaves New Hampshire and Vermont and goes over to Maine.

Good job policymakers in Concord. Thanks for making the right choices.





Jobs Or Deception. 

Congressman Frank Guinta. Are there any jobs or is this a clever act of political deception?

"The exploitation of Labor must be applied to the highest possible limits so that the jobs results in the rendered principle."- Oswald Pohl.

I'm going to try and get in contact with Congessman Frank Guinta about his: "Getting Granite Staters Back to Work" jobs iniative sponsored and press released by his office.

How successful has this program been in New Hampshire?  

How many jobs? And where exactly are these jobs?



Where's The Bacon Congressman Bass! 

Years of political experience and what exactly is Congressman Bass doing for New Hampshire? What exactly?

This is a recent press release from the Vermont Congressional Delegation showing that their respective offices are doing what they're elected to to do:

Go to Washington, D.C. and bring back the bacon!

In this case long-term economic development and jobs.

"Senators Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders and Representative Peter Welch
Tuesday announced that Vermont will receive a $7.9 million grant from the US
Department of Transportation to upgrade the New England Central Railroad
in northern Vermont.
The federal grant will be used to rehabilitate 19 miles of track between
St. Albans and the Canadian border in Alburgh with new rail, ballast and
ties, and to make structural and deck repairs on six bridges. By achieving a
286,000-pound carrying capacity on the entire line in Vermont, this project
will make freight rail more efficient and competitive, creating new
economic opportunities for companies all along the rail line.

These rail improvements also will accelerate efforts by the State of
Vermont and Amtrak to expand passenger rail service along The Vermonter line to
Montreal – creating a seamless connection between major cities like
Washington, Philadelphia, New York, and Montreal and points in between.
Leahy said, “On top of the enhancements we are already making into this
rail line, these additional improvements will make Vermont more competitive
by generating new economic opportunities for businesses and new
transportation options for travelers. This is a wise investment in our future and a
real vote of confidence in the rail line and the Governor’s vision for rail in
Sanders said, “Not only will this grant create jobs and enhance movement
of freight between Vermont and Canada, but upgrading this segment of track
is another step towards extending Amtrak’s Vermonter passenger rail service
to Montreal. This is exactly the kind of investment in our rail
infrastructure that the federal government should be doing.”


How I'd Create Jobs For NH. 


One of the things I did this winter was to participate as a public member in the creation of the NH State Rail Plan as advanced by NHDOT and their contracted consultants.

Today, I’m very pleased to report that my ideas were not only incorporated but expanded upon and which, if done, will create very significant economic development and jobs for New Hampshire.

So what are my ideas?

This will be short- but in a word intermodal and the creation of freight movement and matrix systems that incorporate railroad, trucking, economies of scale and how this is ultimately used to lower costs for shippers, receivers and any manufacturing or retail venture that adds value. I don’t think it’s unreasonable that my ideas, if done, will create at least $15 million dollars in tax base expansion and at least 250 new jobs a year statewide.

Transportation is an integral role in the creation and retention of jobs. Yet somehow this is going largely ignored by political candidates. Kevin Smith isn't the only one.

So why am I telling you this?

Now compare my ideas with that of Gubernatorial Candidate Kevin Smith:

Economic Development and Job Growth

By leveraging existing state resources, we can create partnerships between companies and the state's educational institutions to strategically put students on careers paths in the emerging job sectors of the 21st century. This effort can be extended to aggressively recruit CEO's and small businesses to move their operations, in part or in whole, from Massachusetts and other New England states to New Hampshire through strategic tax incentives and smart marketing of our built-in economic advantages.”- Source Kevin Smith for Governor Website.

What exactly does this mean?  What emerging job sectors?

Strategic tax incentives in an interesting idea; but how does the candidate propose to finance the lost tax revenue from these tax incentives?  Imagine the finance committee raising the BPT to fund these tax credits.

Smart marketing.  This certainly plays well doesn’t it.

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