Steven J Connolly


Letting It Go. 


Senate candidate Debi Warner never called me back.

Part of me says to let it go. I'm sure that she is busy running for the Senate which, is an event of itself. Even a candidate that has the ability to self-finance a campaign still finds this process daunting. I've met enough candidates all of them say this. While on the subject of daunting feats I think the record still holds though. Sen Rubens spending $66,000.00 on a primary for a job that pays $100.00 a year plus mileage.

There is more to being in the Senate than this. But how much more? > $66,000.00?


But I'm still really disapointed that Warner never called me back. Especially since there appears to be so little information about her campaign and what exactly she hopes to accomplish. The news media hasn't done anything here either. Instead of focusing on issues they simply look at all the negative and traditional aspects of campaigning. But I will say this Warner doesn't appear to be attacking on real issues instead (according to the media) she does things like assault weapons ban (1994); personal attacks like mystery e-mails about a home foreclosure and requesting campaign funds be returned. The later interesting as she has dipped into the honey well herself.



A New Era For DRED. 

China World Trade Ctr. Shanghai. The next DRED Commissioner needs to have an NH strategy to work with China.

George Bald retired from DRED and was replaced by interim commissioner Philip Bryce.

I'm really hoping that this is the start of a new era for this important state agency. I've spent enough time being critical of the former commissioner and what I think is a complete lack of leadership in favor of 'nice guy'politics and preservation of established bureaucracy, essentially nothing was done.

I'm not blaming Bald entirely but he still has to take a majority of the the responsibility as it was on his watch that alot of these things happened. I'm also aware that he stood idly by and did nothing. Sort of like the concentration camp supervisor that watches various things happen and does nothing.

I hope Bald enjoys his retirement. Maybe his conscious might alert him someday that something, was in fact very wrong... and he stood by and said nothing.

Enough of this. In the blogs ahead I'll be showing what I think is the credentials needed for the next DRED commissioner and steps that need to be taken if DRED is to be doing it's intended purpose:

Economic Development and Job Creation.

As all of you now know China is now a partner of the U.S. in everything from foreign trade to investment banking. This is the reality and when it comes to negotiating with New Hampshire it will be China that is in control of the negotiations. This is the reality too.

The next DRED Commissioner needs to have a sophisticated understanding of China and it's evolving role in the world. Part of this might be to realign the resources of DRED to reflect this reality. For example DRED operates a small satellite office in northern New Hampshire. I think this office could be closed and the funds $286,000.00 and staff person(s) could be used to open a small office in China. I know Vermont has a small economic development office in Shanghai. It's only open part-time but it's already generated more contacts and contracts than it's cost to operate.






Another Attempt. 


So during the past week it became apparant that senate candidate Debi Warner wasn't going to return my voicemail requesting information about her campaign and the future of northern New Hampshire.

The right words here... I'm writing this and not finding them.



Willing To Listen To Quality Ideas. 

Economic Revitalization. Sands Bethworks Casino, Bethlehem,Pa. Where does candidate Warner stand on creating jobs for northern NH?

Today I left a voicemail for state senate candidate Debi Warner of Littleton. I'm seeking to find out exactly what her strategy is in economic development and job creation. I'm especially interested in this because of what has appeared in the Union Leader about her position(s) and if the news media is to be accurate:

Anti job growth and taxbase expansion.

This isn't the type of state senator that is needed in northern New Hampshire. I don't know Ms. Warner, I don't know of her; I've never come into contact with her or anything she is involved with.  So I can come at this objectively and if I'm given the chance I'm planning to ask her what her position(s) are about casino gaming and the sheer injection of capital and full-time jobs that would come into northern New Hampshire if this legislation is passed into state law.

I'm hoping that she also doesn't take the Lew Feldstein approach and argue the "social capital" and this "quality way of life." And how the presence of casinos changes everything.

It doesn't.

I'd be glad to provide some evidence of this. The newly opened Oxford, Maine casino has generated over $10 Million Dollars in taxable revenue since it opened on June 5th. I haven't seen the breakdown but I don't think it's unreasonable to state that at least 30% of this revenue came from sources that originated in New Hampshire.

Capital that leaves New Hampshire and goes to Maine.




Facts Vs. Posture. 


So I watched the V.P. debate on CNN.

I'm not going to take a position on 'who won the debate.' But I think Biden did a better job with the issues. Biden came across as not only knowledgeable on the issues but offered reasonable responses to the "post Bush era" policies that seem to be the followed agenda of the Romney team.

For example:

The subject was Iran. Biden explained exactly where Iran is in the nuclear process including a delivery system that Iran does not posess. So even if Iran had the materials and process available, which they don't, they couldn't advance a nuclear weapon anywhere in the Middle East. Ryan then spends his time explaining "what we aren't doing" like showing Iran that we are serious. 

I'm left wondering if Ryan believes in diplomacy and foreign relations or whether his policy or the policy of the Romney Administration would be "it will be done our way." Power often does begin and eminate from the top; but it is respect and negotiation that builds results. I don't sense Ryan really understands this. I'm not sure the Bush Administration did either.

Ryan then got in a couple of really good digs in whether this was Solandra or building "windmills in China." Yes the whole alternative energy complex has been fraught with malfunctions, problems and other corrupt political issues. Ryan did a good job with this.

Then they moved onto tax cuts. Ryan fell off the page with his absurd statement that 2/3 of "Americans work for small business." This is completely false. What Ryan should have said is that 47% of Americans either work directly for the government or an industry that is completely dependant on the government for its cash flow. And reduction in the size of government would reduce spending and require less taxation for the whole country.

Ryan didn't say this. Instead he pressed for the tax cuts. I think because the agenda is the tax cuts are for the wealthy. And the rich are rich because they are rich. Maybe they can finance some windmills in China.

Biden could have done better here. But he did state that it was the goal of the administration to have a vote right about this time they were also talking about choices in healthcare apparantly, Congress would not allow it to move forward.