Steven J Connolly


Leadership Under Pressure. 

I've been reading the blurb from the defeat of S.B. 152 (Expanded Gaming Bill) from the May 17th House Calendar.

I think this demonstrates some real leadership on the part of Rep. Mary Jane Wallner.

"The funds are dedicated to support highway debt (a proposal that the State Treasurer says is not feasible), an ill-conceived North Country Economic Development Fund with absolutely no oversight or accountability, the university system, millions to the local communities and, finally, a dedicated funding stream to treat gambling addiction that is either too high or too low but certainly not based on any facts."

Leadership because not only is this legislator identifying real issues and flaws with the bill but she is going against all the forces aligned in support of this bill including most of the state senate and the Governor of New Hampshire.

Leadership under pressure.

The part about ill conceived ideas is quality too. It's not that northern New Hampshire doesn't already have any experience with no oversight and accounting from what I'm understanding Tri County CAP is still being run by the NH Attorney Generals office and their accountants called trustees still can't account, or at the very least, "accounting irregularities" for some $450,000.00 dollars, possibly more. I hope that they are able to recover all of these funds or at least explain why they had to take over.

I'm not really pleased with Sen. Jeff Woodburn's enthusiastic support of S.B. 152 and the creation of this "North Country Economic Development Fund."


Do Nothing Political Groups. 

The shelves of the NH Food Bank go empty as NH Political Groups do nothing except talk and complain.I recently saw an article in the Union Leader that I found very disheartening.

The shelves of the NH Food Bank are not only depleted but they’re almost empty.

I’m finding this disheartening because of all the political activism that goes on in this state, all the food that is misused and thrown away and yet the shelves of the NH Food Bank sit nearly empty.

I’ll start with an example: The NH Free State Project and individuals go to extreme lengths to demonstrate things like: “individual liberties.”Constitutitional rights” and using their video cameras to document their causes including asking for money to support their cause.


The shelves of the NH Food Bank sit nearly empty.

This would be the challenge for political groups in New Hampshire like the Free State Project, Free, Ridley Report, Americans for Prosperity, Citizens For A Strong NH, Cop and the plethora of losers, lobbyists and hangers on in the Statehouse plaza.

Do something for New Hampshire.

I’m confident that they won’t. It’s much easier to gripe, complain and press release about the system instead of doing something positive to make it better; something that might require some actual work instead of talking. Lots of talk in this state too much talk not enough do.  

Some might ask “what am I doing” other than blogging on NH about the empty shelves at the NH Food Bank. I’m employed by a Fortune 500 Corporation that sells millions of dollars of food in New Hampshire on a daily basis. I asked the members of management if the thrown away food could be donated to the NH Food Bank. This was denied instead the policy is to make a cash donation to charitable organization(s) like the NH Food Bank, NH Salvation Army, NH Catholic Charities, etc. in the amt. of the thrown away food.

I’m in the process of finding out how much money has and will be sent to the NH Food Bank for food.






Go Nicaragua Go!

Container ship moving through a canal lock. The project in Nicaragua would lower shipping costs to and from New Hampshire.During her state of the state speech Gov. Hassan emphasized her support of all things type A, robots, STEM and in the box thinking. Basically, a statement that “imagination isn’t needed here.” I don’t know Hassan personally but from what I’ve seen she is an in the box thinker. Nothing abstract, black and white and an emphasis on where the power is. Money and power. I’m sure this is very logical and sensical to a person like Gov. Maggie Wood Hassan.

I’m not singling out the first term governor there are lots of people, if not the majority in this society that think and act as she does. I’m sure you know of people that are like this.

So where am I going with this…

I’ve been playing a lot of chess lately and being an out of the box thinker with an active imagination I’ve been kicking some ass. And I mean some royal ass. Within the past week I’ve beaten two master chess players who are ranked higher than me simply by employing non traditional, non established tactics. One of them actually said to me, “you threw me off balance I didn’t know how to react I didn’t play that right.” I felt like responding, “because you don’t know how to think.” I didn’t say that.

I wonder if Gov. Maggie Wood Hassan knows how to think?

So let’s talk about the Panama Canal. Previously I’ve reported about this capital project and its positive net value to New Hampshire. Despite its positive net value the Panama Canal expansion is still an example of things espoused by Gov. Hassan. And namely, it’s “in the box” design, its operation(s) and most importantly, its costs.

Well guess what.

China has now signed an agreement with the Government of Nicaragua to construct a canal to compete with the U.S. and England supported Panama Canal. What do you want to bet that ships moving through the Nicaraguan Canal will pay a lower fee than the ships moving through the Panama Canal.     

$$$$$.   Take that in the box thinkers, STEM yuppies and Gov. Hassan.



Lack Of Leadership 

I'm surprised there hasn't been more discussion and commentary about the defeat of H.B. 152 and what this means for New Hampshire.

I've overheard some state employees talking and they've been told that layoffs will likely begin in July and continue all the way through September.

Leadership New Hampshire.

I think the Gov. Hassan plan was flawed because it relied too much on assumptions that the House and Senate would simply go along once it was incorporated into the proposed state budget. I wonder who was giving Hassan the advise to do this or whether she engineered the idea on her very own.

So the layoffs loom...

I remember one of the last legislative hearings I attended relative to expanded casino gaming it was chaired by Sen. Bob O'Dell who seems adept at putting his finger to the wind and basing his decisions on this direction. In any case the NH Council of Churches and former Sen. Rubens were testifying about all the vast knowlege they have about casino development and societal implications and one of the church people actually forcasted that if Maine passed it's casino legislation it would fail miserably.

It's my understanding that the new casino in Oxford, Maine has signed a purchase and sale agreement to sell the casino to the parent company of Churchill Downs the site of the yearly Kentucky Derby. From what I'm reading the price is $450 million dollars with a proposed expansion including a larger casino and other related facilities.

There is no leadership in New Hampshire it doesn't exist.



Wynn Could Be In. Suffolk Could Be Out. 


I've been hearing alot of things recently about the upcoming casino license vote down in Boston. For some reason I thought Suffolk Downs getting the license was more or less a sure bet with most if not all of the influential Boston area politicians angling for the historic racetrack.

Enter casino mogul Steve Wynn and the sparking proposal to redevelop Everett into a first class destination. And I mean destination.

I'm really glad H.B. 152 was defeated up here in New Hampshire. This state isn't ready for expanded casino gaming it just isn't.

If I were to place current odds on the Boston license I'd be willing to go 60/40 in favor of Wynn.

Regardless of who gets this license it will impact New Hampshire.