Steven J Connolly


Direction And Inertia. 

I think I'm going to Pennsylvania in a week or two. In preparation of this I've been doing alot of self-study research and reading into such subjects of steel mills, Andrew Carnegie, Pittsburgh & Lake Eire Railroad and the environmental issue of Natural Gas fracking. Steel Mill in Pittsburgh, Pa. Scene similar to Berlin, NH. Both mills are now gone.

History is fascinating.

But of course I'm now thinking about history and the future and where it all leads, including New Hampshire.

Gov. Hassan had an interesting press release about the government shutdown and what this could mean for "New Hampshire families."

I'm thinking her prized "innovation" programs will be shut down and this is how she might arrive at how this affects New Hampshire.


Making Sense Of Exactly What? 

It's a slow blog day.

I thought I'd report on some of the happenings that not only make no sense but serve to demonstrate just how things are really sinking into the muck.

Previously, I had reported about the kiosk that was set up near my workplace about the new health care programme starting in this country. I've been attempting to learn as much about this program as possible, so, I checked on the website to see what this U.S. Senate candidate has to say about this.

Pharmaceutical companies and their lobbying and influence. I'm not sure where this idea goes...

But I will say this the Rubens website is the only place I found that there is a proposal to delay the "implementation of the health care program by one year." This is a quality idea if nothing else it will give the various state health care exchanges some time to fine tune their enrollment systems and consider adding more health care providers and medical facilities into the list(s) for use on the government sponsored health care programme.

I'm still having a great deal of challenge in understanding this new healthcare programme and how to make sense of it.


Socialism Doesn't Sell. 

Currently I work in retail sales and each day I see hundreds if not thousands of people at work. Today, I saw an interesting scene that I really believe demonstrates something.

The U.S. Government or some state agency, (I don't know which one) came near my workplace and set up an information kiosk about this new national health care roll out which reportedly goes into effect January 1st. New Hampshire has already set up it's health care exchange as a part of this process.

You'll probally never guess how much interest there is in this kiosk.

Guess most citizens of New Hampshire aren't concerned with signing up for this new Heath care requirement that goes in effect January 1st. They must be pleased with their current health coverage.

I'm also wondering if members from groups like Free Keene, Occupy New Hampshire, Americans for Prosperity and other political groups that have vocally demonstrated in the statehouse plaza will be signing up for the government healthcare coverage or staying with their current providers?  

It's my understanding that the kiosk will be staffed full-time in a week or two. It should be intersting to see how much further interest there is in this new healthcare law.


Local Control Is Best. 


This is a really good arguement and reason(s) for good legislators in New Hampshire. I hope that Rep. Cormier is successful in her Legislative Service Request (LSR).

My experience in the NH House.

Likely ITL.

"Referring to establishment of regional planning commissions in 1969, State Rep. Jane Cormier (R-Alton) said that was when the federal government began influencing local planning decisions. The regional planning commissions, she continued, "are not about municipalities working together but are part of a much grander plan." Cormier spoke of federal agencies "bypassing our Legislature and going into our communities to change our zoning laws."

"Your representation in Concord is being usurped," Cormier declared, vowing to file legislation that would do away with regional planning commissions, which she described as "huge, bloated, corrupt" organizations. "Our zoning ordinance shouldn't be manipulated by anyone," she insisted. "It's definitely a local control issue."

Source: Laconia Citizen Newspaper.   Today.


Campaign In. Party Out. 

I'm going to play the role of wingback chair commando in this blog.

I'm sitting in a wingback chair like John Erickson making an analysis on what could have happened, even if the event has already gone by.

Are you still with me?

John Erickson is probably the world's foremost authority on World War II history related to the eastern front and the German attack upon the Bolshevist and Josef Stalin led Soviet Union. Much of Mr. Erickson's analysis includes underlying geopolitical analysis as to why the strategy happened and evolved as it did.

There is a parallel in NH politics. History can and does repeat itself.

I'm thinking about the two announced campaigns: Jim Rubens and Frank Guinta.

Where is the NH GOP in all of this?

I see lack of coordination, lack of communication and lack of coherent strategy.

Campaigns ahead of party. The results will be disastrous.