Steven J Connolly


Facts Vs. Posture. 


So I watched the V.P. debate on CNN.

I'm not going to take a position on 'who won the debate.' But I think Biden did a better job with the issues. Biden came across as not only knowledgeable on the issues but offered reasonable responses to the "post Bush era" policies that seem to be the followed agenda of the Romney team.

For example:

The subject was Iran. Biden explained exactly where Iran is in the nuclear process including a delivery system that Iran does not posess. So even if Iran had the materials and process available, which they don't, they couldn't advance a nuclear weapon anywhere in the Middle East. Ryan then spends his time explaining "what we aren't doing" like showing Iran that we are serious. 

I'm left wondering if Ryan believes in diplomacy and foreign relations or whether his policy or the policy of the Romney Administration would be "it will be done our way." Power often does begin and eminate from the top; but it is respect and negotiation that builds results. I don't sense Ryan really understands this. I'm not sure the Bush Administration did either.

Ryan then got in a couple of really good digs in whether this was Solandra or building "windmills in China." Yes the whole alternative energy complex has been fraught with malfunctions, problems and other corrupt political issues. Ryan did a good job with this.

Then they moved onto tax cuts. Ryan fell off the page with his absurd statement that 2/3 of "Americans work for small business." This is completely false. What Ryan should have said is that 47% of Americans either work directly for the government or an industry that is completely dependant on the government for its cash flow. And reduction in the size of government would reduce spending and require less taxation for the whole country.

Ryan didn't say this. Instead he pressed for the tax cuts. I think because the agenda is the tax cuts are for the wealthy. And the rich are rich because they are rich. Maybe they can finance some windmills in China.

Biden could have done better here. But he did state that it was the goal of the administration to have a vote right about this time they were also talking about choices in healthcare apparantly, Congress would not allow it to move forward.


What Is Warner Thinking? 


It was/is on this very board that I predicted the outcome of the race for state senate district #1.

Then I read this garbage in today's Union Leader.

"In District 1, Warner was a great find for the Republicans, who lost longtime Sen. John Gallus to retirement. A psychologist, she is not just thoughtful and a good listener, but she takes a careful, analytical approach to issues that have affected the North Country for years. For example, this summer, she developed her own system for measuring the economic, ecological and social impact of different types of businesses and infrastructure investments. Doing so helped her conclude that the region should pursue policies that help small, local businesses grow rather than try to lure another big employer to the area."


Northern New Hampshire faces double digit unemployment, underemployment and chart topping town and bank foreclosures and this candidate wants to support cottage industry over everything else.




A Bit More Progress. 

So today I had a cell phone conversation with Executive Councilor Chris Sununu. I'm really impressed with his knowledge of how state government runs and responding to my concerns over the nomination of Phil Bryce to be interim commissioner of DRED.

"This is a placeholder nomination and I agree with your concerns, in the area of economic development this really isn't the guy."Sununu responded to my statements that the nominee has no experience or the qualifications of this candidate to be leading a state agency charged with expanding the state's taxbase and creating the ever-important and needed jobs.

I liked this answer.

Councilor Sununu also went on to explain that Bryce would basically be running DRED on an interim basis for two months until the new governor will bring forth a nominee which wouldn't be Bryce.

Another good statement.

"I won't speak for the other members of the Executive Council but the thinking here is, along with the Governor someone really needed to be in the position even if it is a short time."Sununu said. It was my impression that some level of direct supervision is needed at DRED on a daily basis.

I think this situation is looking alot better than I last reported. I'm very pleased about this.

When I first read the press release about Bryce being nominated my first thoughts was Massachusetts and how political appointments are made in that state.

Doesn't appear to be the case with this nomination.


And Where It Might Lead. 


So I'm reading the Laconia Evening Citizen newspaper today and they have an interesting article about a debate on the state senate candidates in more or less Belknap county.

Regardless of political affiliation all of them said more of less of the same thing: economic development and creating jobs is important in New Hampshire.

Wow! Is this the political statement of the campaign or what!!!!  

And they seemed to keep hammering away at it. For example Bob Lamb wants to do tax credits, while Yousef (spelling-the candidate with all the personal baggage) wants to practice Laissez-Fair I was waiting for him to start talking about the 'New Hampshire Advantage.' but he didn't.

And what they didn't talk about, and what showed me that these politicians could care less about creating jobs-- this just happened to be the subject that happens to generate voter buzz.

Here is why:  A major nomination looms ahead for the very state department that is in charge and recieves substantial state funds for statewide economic development and job creation. And nothing was said. nothing. This nomination could be an opportunity to change, restructure, advance or at the very least improve the capabilities of New Hampshire in this important campaign area.

Nothing was said. Nothing.

In any case after this debate I don't have much faith in any of the candidates from the Belknap county and surrounding area to be really interested in creating jobs; it seems they're all pretty self-centered and looking out for themselves and their campaigns. Egos and turf battles is a subject for another day.

Let's move on.

Today I contacted Executive Councilors Sununu and Weczorek about their position(s) about the interim commissioner of DRED.  I'm looking forward to their responses.

Tommorrow I'll contact Executive Councilors St. Hillare and Wheeler;  I'm looking forward to their responses as well.




Made Some Progress.


So yesterday I had a cell phone conversation with Executive Councilor Ray Burton relative to my concerns over the nomination of Phil Bryce to be interim commissioner of DRED.

Basically I stated my concerns which already appear on this blog, we also discussed some of the developments in Vermont in areas of economic development and job creation. So it was left that my concerns would be passed on to the nominee. The long-term councilor didn't state on how he would vote for this nominee.

I'm very pleased that I was able to at least have a discussion like this with an elected official.

But I'm still very frustrated at the way this state is run, especially DRED. I was just reading today in the Caledonian Record Newspaper of Gov. Lynch and Commissioner Bald going up to Canada recently under the aegis of trade or whatever (taxpayer expense of course)and it seemed really wishy washy they didn't secure any real contracts or commitments just an idea that a Haverhill, NH aerospace company could possibly get an "outsource contract from Canada."  If it happens.  If.

This isn't jobs. This isn't progress for New Hampshire.

There needs to be change in New Hampshire. How this state is run and ultimately where we're going in the future. Of course the election in November will be an important strategic direction, but in the meantime the nomination of an interim director of DRED is also important.

On this basis I'm asking you once again to contact your Executive Councilor and ask how they plan on voting on the nomination of Phil Bryce to be the interim commissioner of DRED.