Steven J Connolly


Arguing Against Free. 


Is it possible to make an argument against something that is free?

So I'm reading a copy of the free Wiers Times newspaper including that color photos many of which are of historic New Hampshire and my immediate thought: Dinosaurs.

This Republican newspaper seems to me to represent ideas and values that exist where? I'm reading Col. Oliver North's patriotic based column. He often writes about geostrategic issues like Afghanistan but skips over any sophisticated dynamics influencing the very issues in question.

I don't have the column in front of me for a quote but a case in point: Col. North will talk about the Taliban and surface to air missles and blame the Obama Administration for something that has yet to even happen while ignoring such major issues like the global trade in opium and what is and has happened in Afghanistan which is a major crossroads of trade in this life changing drug throughout the world. I'm surprised Harmid Karzai has been able to hold anything together in this war torn country while Col. North uses it like a pawn to blame the administration.

It's a free newspaper.

But it still could be better. They seem to have lots of advertising and support staff why couldn't they fill a void and actually report some real news there is certainly enough of it in the Lakes Region and New Hampshire.


Zombie Pledge. 


So I looked at this ad and candidate Cilley's campaign finance report.

I'll I can say is that if she ran New Hampshire as well as she runs her campaign this state would be in a better position than it is now.

I looked at the ad three times with the overlay of the campaign finance report. It's a great ad because not only is brief, including message content but it's simple graphics probally made it the least expensive of all the ads that have been shown by the candidates. It's also isn't targeted it's a shotgun blast that appeals to the total market while at the same time building that all invaluable name recognition. Timing is right too with the primary weeks away.

The Cilley campaign isn't the money machine that Maggie Hassan is. Cilley is getting her funding, at least in my analysis from NH voters in about $50.00 contributions. I think also shows that the candidate is very practical in her approach to issues yet she isn't afraid to be a leader when it comes time to do so. She'll close the door on alot of lobbyist generated stupidity. Woudn't that be refreshing.

I'm looking at the ad a third time. More critical now. With the shotgun blast to the voters: do they all know what the pledge is? This ad also doesn't go negative so this campaign also scores some points there.



Not Showing Anything. 


I'm trying to find reason(s) to support Kuster for Congress over the current incumbent.

This ad doesn't help me at all.

My first impression is that its attempting to cater to the centrist-moderate-undecided vote of which there is a statistical population here in 2D. But I'm watching the spliced ad with pictures of family, of course the hometown values play well assuming the name recognition is there for the candidate which, in this case it isn't.

I looked at the ad a second time. Again the family message is centerpiece spliced with the struggling economy I don't think this ad will get many votes in the areas of the Second District that are truly struggling: Berlin, Groveton, Claremont and perhaps Keene. There isn't any real definition of what she would do in this area if she is elected.

I looked at the a third time. I'm more critical now. The music is passable but my overall impression is that this a candidate that wants to tread water. "The family base is a good base. Let's keep it that way." The only places I know in this ad that are a depiction of this lifestyle are the Hanover-Lebanon area and New London. I think the producers dumped too much of something on her face.

If Kuster is going to run her campaign like this Bass will be there for another term.



Venetian Mac and Politics. 

27% Price Increase in Tomatoes. Congressman Bass votes against H.R. 6233


So I'm making one of my most favorite and simple recipes.

Venetian Mac and Cheese. It's usually very affordable too but tonight I got hit with a 27% increase in the price of tomatoes. I attempted to shop locally and purchase some home grown tomatoes and the increase here would have been in the area of 50%.

I'm planning to use the rest of this blog to bust on the failed leadership of Congressman Charlie Bass and the drivel found in his press release below and "having a conversation about agriculture" in New Hampshire. Bass votes against H.R. 6233 leaving his constituents with double digit food increases and the best he can come up with is "having a conversation."

If the voters in the Second Congressional District vote with their wallets in this next election....

I'm thinking the margin with a +/-5% standard deviation the vote outcome will be somewhere around 27% if not greater.

Like the price of food.


Getting Out Of It. 


I knew this one was coming:

The AP newswires are reporting that New Hampshire is now actively seeking a waiver from No Child Left Behind.

A largely unfunded mandate that is essentially draining what little resources NH public schools have. But what I can’t understand is why the NH educational establishment doesn’t say this in the press release. I’ll bet it’s the same reasoning why teachers don’t want to take a bar exam or equivalent type test as a part of their licensing.

How many would pass and how many would fail?

In any case, New Hampshire is seeking a waiver and will join many other states across the U.S. in scrapping No Child Left Behind.