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Ed Naile

3-30 Christina Freundlich - Selfish Selfi Snapper

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3-29 Out-of-State Voters OK With The Ballot Law Commission & Vice Versa

3-26 I've Been To Some Secret Meetings

3-24 Hands In The Air Don't Purge

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Richard Barnes

3-26 Ignoring the Cause of Problems

Steven Connolly

Steve Vaillancourt

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US Rep Guinta to host two townhalls this week 


Tuesday, March 31 in the NH House 

NH House - Budget Briefing document 

AFPNH - Not Again! 

NH DHHS - “Ask the Question” Program Launched To Better Serve NH Veterans, Service Members and Their Families

Sen. Martha Fuller Clark to testify before House committee support of breastfeeding reform bill (SB 219) 

CEI Today: Labor union lawsuits, Obama's GROW AMERICA Act, credit card interchange fees, and more 

CEI Today: Suing McDonald's, King v Burwell, greenhouse gas emissons, and more 


Monday, March 30 in the NH House

Cruz For President - Cruz "elicited raucous cheers, first pumps and even a few ‘amens...’”


US Rep Frank Guinta - Financial Services Committee approves 11 bipartisan bills to shield consumers from harmful regulations 

NH House - Granite State Progress State Budget Press Conference

NHDP - Former Banking Lobbyist Jerry Little Continues to Fight for Banking Industry Against NH Homeowners and Families 

DNC Response to Ted Cruz Speaking to Youth in NH

Cooler Heads Digest 27 March 2015 

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Those Bergdahl Blues

A bad trade made worse. Back to the New Yorker’s plantation. And Ol’ President What’s-his-face. Presented in 1080 hi-def, FOR FREE! It’s the Great Eight, from the Personal Liberty Digest!